If you need a letter of recommendation and have done well in one of my classes, I will be happy to help. In order for me to write a strong and compelling letter in support of your application, there are several documents that I need. Hard copy or email is fine, although PDFs are always preferred if by email.

  • Full information about the job/scholarship/program/grad school you’re applying for (what they are looking for, want the letters to comment on, etc). Make sure you include the address to which the letter should be sent and the relevant deadline.

  • An up-to-date resume.

  • A copy of the personal statement or cover letter you will be submitting as part of your application (draft is fine).

  • A brief list or memo of items you want me to remember when I write the letter, including which class(es) you took with me in which semester(s). Don’t be modest! If you solved a particular puzzle, took a distinctive leadership role in class, wrote an outstanding paper, etc, make sure it’s fresh in my mind as I write.

Please note that I will only write confidential letters of recommendation. If you are applying to a graduate program or another school you may need to waive your rights to see the letter in the future; check with the admissions office.